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Scottish – American

Soldiers Monument

Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish – American Soldiers Monument, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The American Civil War Memorial, also known as the Scottish–American Soldiers Monument, was dedicated on 21 August 1893 to Scots who fought and died in the American Civil War.
Depicting a standing figure of Abraham Lincoln, with a freed slave giving thanks at his feet, it is a focal point of the burial ground, located just in front of Hume’s tomb.
It is the only monument to the American Civil War outwith the United States and was the first statue to a U.S. President outwith her own borders.
It is the only statue of Lincoln in Scotland.

Sculptures were by George Edwin Bissell and stonework by Stewart McGlashan & Son.
A bronze shield bears the old US flag, and is wreathed in thistles to the left, and cotton to the right.
Two regimental flags lie furled, the battle being over. The black man holds a book, indicating that he is not only free, he is also now educated.
The monument was erected at American expense to a small group of Scots (only one of whom, William Duff, is buried under the monument, the rest being nearby) to whom it felt indebted, and wished their graves to be marked, despite their later poverty.
They had all fought for the Union (the North) in the American Civil War. The inscription,
"To preserve the jewel of liberty in the framework of Freedom" is a quotation from the writings of Abraham Lincoln.

Those interred and commemorated are:
Sergeant Major John McEwan, Company H, 65th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry,
Lt. Col. William L. Duff, 2nd Regiment Illinois Volunteer Light Artillery (died of wounds on return to Edinburgh),
Robert Steedman, Company E, 5th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry,
James Wilkie, Company C, 1st Regiment Michigan Volunteer Cavalry,
Robert Ferguson, Company F, 57th New York Volunteer Infantry,
Alexander Smith, Company G, 66th Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry (This name was added in 1993 following research).

(Source: Info Wikipedia)





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