3-D Edinburgh Castle War Memorials - Copyright © 2016 Graeme Watson.

3-D Edinburgh Castle

War Monuments & Memorials

Castlehill, Edinburgh, Scotland

3-D Edinburgh Castle War Monuments and Memorials

The monuments and memorials of the esplanade, include the memorial Drinking Fountain of 91st Regiment of foot - Princess Louise’s Argyllshire Highlanders, 25th Regiment of foot - Memorial Plaque of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 92nd Regiment of foot - The Gordon Highlanders Monument to Colonel MacKenzie, Scottish Horse Memorial, South African War Memorial of the Gordon Highlanders.



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Photograph's in gallery by Graeme Watson
(All photos in gallery are from a 3-D camera phone (LG Optimus 3D), which make's use of two lenses,
the quality varies depending on weather conditions. (no flashes were used).)

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