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3-D Peterhead

War Memorial

Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

3-D The Peterhead, Stonehaven War Memorial

The monument was unveiled on Sunday 6th August 1922, the memorial commemorates the residents of Peterhead who were killed in the Great War (First World War) World War I.
The memorial, built of granite from the Peterhead quarry, takes the form of a obelisk resting on steps and a landing rises to a height of 40 feet.
The World War II (Second World War) memorial forms the gate piers in to the church yard.




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Photograph's in gallery by Graeme Watson
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the quality varies depending on weather conditions. (no flashes were used).)
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3-D Peterhead War Memorial

3-D Peterhead War Memorial

3-D Gordon Highlanders 1914

3-D Gordon Highlanders 1914
3-D George Sutherland, aged 16, top left, one of the two young soliders
in the photograph who survived the Great War.

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