World War II Wellington Point, Anniversary - Copyright © 2017 Graeme Watson

World War II


Wellington Point, Queensland, Australia

World War II Wellington Point, Anniversary

50th Anniversary of the End of World War II During 1939 - 1945 both American & Australian troops camped on the reserve. The larger houses on the headland above the reserve were commandeered for officer quarters for the Americans. Anti-aircraft guns and searchlights were also positioned in this area. The US Navy estabished an Anti-Aircraft (A-A) Gunnery School around June 1943, 17 huts were built on the reserve and gun pits were built along the north east shoreline with the camp consisting of about 1500 men.




Photograph's in gallery by Graeme Watson
(All photos in gallery are from a camera phone,
the quality varies depending on weather conditions. (no flashes were used).)

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