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Awarded Meritorious Service Medal

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 17 January 1919, Supplement: 31132, Page: 1017.

This medal was awarded for Gallantry, The terms: In 1916, the MSM was awarded to all ranks “who are duly recommended for the grant in respect of gallant conduct in the performance of military duty otherwise than in action against the enemy, or in saving, or attempting to save the life of an officer or soldier, or for devotion to duty in a theatre of war.”

(Source Discription:) Veterans Affairs Canada:

Roll of Service 1914-1918


Sergeant: Transport, 15th Battalion 'H' Company, 3rd Infantry Brigade, Central Ontario Regiment, 48th Highlanders, 28004



Personal Details

  • Home Farm, Kininmonth, Old Deer,

    Aberdeenshire, Scotland.



Service History

  • Official Service Number:



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