Overall Canadian Enlisted: 619,500
Canadian Army

Royal Canadian Air Force


Royal Canadian Navy

Canadian Expeditionary Force Nursing


Source: Canadian War Museum
Overall Deaths 66,655
Wounded in action


Prisoners of war


Nursing Sisters deaths


Civilian deaths


Canadian casualty rate64.8%

Source: Veterans Affairs Canada [Estimates of casualty numbers for World War I, vary to a great extent.]

[Stats provided are for general information purposes only.]



Assassination of Austrian, Archduke Franz Ferdinand,
28 June 1914. sets off a chain of events that leds to war !


Canada, Declares War on Germany,
5 August 1914.


Canada passes the War Measures Act, giving the federal government the power to do anything deemed necessary "for the security, defence, peace, order and welfare of Canada."
22 August 1914.


First Canadian Division sails for Britain.
1 October 1914.


Canada's conscription bill becomes law.
29 August 1917.


Armistice of Mudros,
30 October 1918, ended the hostilities,
at noon the next day, in the Middle Eastern theatre between the Ottoman Empire and the Allies.


Armistice with Germany,
went into effect at 11 am on 11 November 1918.

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Remembrance Day

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Canadian soldiers survey a destroyed German bunker, November 1917.

Second Battle of Passchendaele - Bunker Survey - This Canadian work is in the public domain in Canada, because its copyright has expired.
'Canadian soldiers survey a destroyed German bunker, November 1917.'
[Picture: This Canadian work is in the public domain in Canada, because its copyright has expired.] Public Domain Mark 1.0

Picture: Header, The first patrol entering Cambrai. The Great War (First World War) World War I hand-coloured photograph from an exhibition of war photograph's in natural colour produced by Colart's Studios, Melbourne, in the 1920s.
[Picture: Courtesy of State Library of New South Wales, flickr - No known copyright restrictions.] Public Domain Mark 1.0
(Edited: Artistic Blur by Graeme Watson, 2016)