Roll of Honour 1939-1945

Edward JohnANSON

Lieutenant: Royal Navy, H.M.S Southdown (L 25) - Type I, Hunt-class Escort Destroyer.



Personal Details

  • Paddington,

    London, England.

  • Chatham,

    Kent, England. As a result of a accident while on duty.

Service History

  • Official Service Number:


Hunt class destroyer H.M.S Southdown at a buoy.

Hunt class destroyer H.M.S Southdown at a buoy. Picture: Courtesy of Imperial War Museum. This image was created and released by the Imperial War Museum on the IWM Non Commercial Licence. Photographs taken, or artworks created, by a member of the forces during their active service duties are covered by Crown Copyright provisions. Faithful reproductions may be reused under that licence, which is considered expired 50 years after their creation.
'Hunt class destroyer H.M.S Southdown at a buoy.'
[Picture: Courtesy of Imperial War Museums.] © IWM (FL 19190)

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